Factores de calidad delas perlas cultivadas : Lustre, superficie, forma, color y tamaño. Sumiperla s.a.



In order to evaluate the quality of cultured pearls, we must consider the following:


  • LUSTER: The combination of surface and inner shine. Pearls which are too white, matte or chalk-like indicate low quality.


  • SURFACE: When we say a pearl is clean it means it has no stains, dots, swellings or cracks. The cleaner the pearl, the more precious it is.


  • SHAPE: Pearls perfectly round are pretty uncommon. The more spherical a pearl is, the more value it will have.


  • COLOR: Cultured pearls range from white to pink to dark tones. Essentially, color is determined by the customer's likes and skin tone.


  • SIZE: Cultured pearls are measured by their diameter. They range from less than 1 mm to over 22 mm. Size adds value as long as the parameters above remain.

Tipos de perlas cultivadas que selecciona y suministra Sumiperla s.a.