Factores de calidad delas perlas cultivadas : Lustre, superficie, forma, color y tamaño. Sumiperla s.a.

Quality factors


To evaluate a cultivated pearl´s quality the following must be considered:


  • LUSTER:  Combination of surface and internal shine. Pearls that are too white or chalk like indicate low quality.


  • SURFACE: Cleanness refers to the absence of stains, bulges or indentations. The cleaner the pearl the more valuable.


  • SHAPE: It is rare to find pearls that are perfectly spherical. The coles it is to a perfect sphere the higher the quality and value.


  • COLOR: Cultivated pearls range from light pink to dark tones.Color quality is determined by customer´s taste.


  • SIZE: Pearls are measured by their diameter. They range from 1mm to over 22mm. Size ads value as long as the above parameters remain. 

Tipos de perlas cultivadas que selecciona y suministra Sumiperla s.a.