Natural or cultured, pearls are organic gems made of cells created by a living organism. This is what gives them their special color and softness. And that is also why they are not as resilient as other gems born in the Earth's crust.

Pearls should be treated with care, honoring their value, in order to avoid altering their natural longevity.


Following these guidelines will help you to protect their beauty:


  • The pearl's surface may deteriorate in contact with abrasive substances: cosmetics, perfumes, or excess of body sweat could be harmful in the long term. Clean your pearls with a cold and damp soft tissue whether you notice any dirt on them.


  • The silk thread that strings your pearls is also sensitive to cosmetics and body sweat. You should ask your jeweler to check its condition at the first sign of weakness.


  • Mind the pearl's contact with other jewels made of precious metals or similar. The brush with them may hurt the pearl's surface. The best place to store your pearls when not worn is a jewelry box with velvet or slik interior walls.

Cultured pearls, natural gems

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