Recogida de ostras durante el proceso de cultivo de la perla cultivada



Pearl oysters are inserted a small spheric nucleous made of shell and are reintroduced in suspended baskets into a well protected and nourished ocean bay. Technicians verify daily the water temperature and the oyster's feeding conditions. During the winter months, the baskets of oyster are moved to warmer waters.


The oysters are periodically extracted from the sea to receive health and cleaning treatments. Algae and other maritime elements which may block their feeding are carefully removed, and their shells are treated with medicines to avoid parasite infections and illnesses.

The oysters which survive threats like typhoons, red tides and predators, are brought to the shore and examined. If everything goes well, the result will be a precious cultured pearl.

Just a few oysters will survive and produce high quality pearls. When these pearls are perfect, that is an extraordinary event of nature. As opposed to imitation and artificial pearls, two cultured pearls will never be identical. Every single cultured pearl has its own combination of shape, size, luster and color.


This is why cultured pearls are examined and selected for experts with well-trained eyes and years of experience in choosing among thousands of pearls. To find the ones similar enough to be strung together and compose a beatiful pearl's necklace.


Introducción del núcleo en la ostra para crar una perla cultivada
Corte de trozos de epitelio para acompañar al núcleo en la operación
Proceso de la operación d la ostra perlífera para producir peras cultivadas