50  years leading the Spanish market

On June the 1st 1971, born due to the love for cultured pearls, Sumiperla S.A. took its first steps.

50 years ago we started like that tiny grain of sand that an oyster embraces and, with patience and delicacy, covers with layers of mother of pearl until it becomes something extraordinary.

As years went by, we kept on growing and cultivating, acquiring that sparkle that makes us special. 50 years of hard work that, like the pearls in a necklace which embraces the neck of a beloved one, we have thread with perseverance until today.

There are plenty of cultured pearls in the market, and they are very diverse in quality. That is why in Sumiperla we always wanted to distinguish ourselves for conducting a careful selection of the product that we offer to our clients, with the best qualities and prices from Japan, Australia, Tahiti and China. Visiting every season our suppliers there in order to see firsthand the product and make the wisest selection.

We are ocean, sand and nature. A team devoted since its very beginning to satisfying, with determination and daily effort, our clients and friends. Our suppliers and co-workers. Because without you all, we would not be here.

We celebrate 50 years, but we keep the same dream that when we started, the same excitement when we travel, and above all, the same passion and love for what we do: Battling every day to keep being a role model in the world of cultured pearls.

With all these years passed in mind, but looking forward to the future, Ángel Vérez Rego, Rubén Mosquera Carreira and everyone in the Sumiperla team, we want to say to you, from our hearts: